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The Essential Wick Trimmer- Matte Black

The Essential Wick Trimmer- Matte Black

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Trim your wick, light with ease and burn longer! The essential wick trimmer is your candle's new best friend.

As candle enthusiasts, safety is always our top priority. That's why our wick trimmer is essential in helping you snip away excess wick length, preventing any potential fire hazards. With its sleek and sturdy construction, this tool not only helps extend your candle burn time, it also keeps your surroundings safe from unwanted accidents and helps your candles burn slower, saving you money!

  • Maintain optimal performance: regularly using a wick trimmer ensures that your candles perform at their best, producing an even melt pool and clean burn
  • Improve candle safety: reduces fire hazards by ensuring the wick is trimmed to the appropriate length, preventing excessive flame height
  • Enhance candle longevity: by trimming the wick with this tool, you can extend your candle's burn time and get more hours out of your candle
  • Perfect for gift giving: This elegant accessory makes a thoughtful addition to any candle lover's collection and adds a touch of sophistication to any decor style

Light up your o'soy candles and trim those wicks with ease, knowing that you'll be able to enjoy them for longer than ever before!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chelsea Munoz
Wick Trimmer

I never knew I was missing one of these until it was delivered. Love the matte black finish. It’s appealing to the eye on my shelf next to my candles. No more getting my hand dirty trying to trim my wicks!

Jodi Villalobos
My new favorite candles

I finally found candles that don't bother my allergies or migraines. They are Suttle, smell amazing and don't have that synthetic smell. I'm looking forward to buying more in the future after the holidays.

Kate Cangiano
How did I live without this?

I was skeptical of the wick trimmer. I figured I had scissors. I would trim and then have to clean the wax and soot off of the scissors dulling them in the process. Inevitably with the scissor use, pieces of black burnt wick would end up in my candle. Enter the wick trimmer! Then these went on sale and I threw them in my bag with my candle haul. What a game changer!! These are heavy duty and made for their job! The ends trim and collect the trimmed pieces so no more mess in your candle. Yes, I wipe them off after use but they are supposed to get wax and soot on them. If you burn candles often, you need to have one of these in your collection. I opted for the black due to concerns over dirt but I secretly lust after the rose gold.

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