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Available in 6 Blends

Wax Melts- Year-Round Collection

Wax Melts- Year-Round Collection

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O'Soy Wax Melts

Available in each of our six year-round blends!

1. Brown Sugar & Tobacco- mission fig, brown sugar, toasted vanilla and caramel tobacco

2. Sol Lavanda- meyer lemon & lavender buds

3. Cereal Milk- mixed berry, sugared citrus & oat milk

4. Beachwood- teakwood, sandalwood, moss & sea salt

5. Masala Chai- black tea, masala spice & cream

6. Black Coconut & fig- coconut, brown sugar, mission fig & sea salt 

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  • More fragrant & much longer lasting throw than big box stores - you'll notice the difference with o'soy melts, guaranteed!
  • 3oz each with 6 total cubes per pack
  • 100% soy bean wax, sourced in the us
  • Infused with safe, clean essential and fragrance oils; free from all harmful toxins
  • Life span: approximately 24 hours of fragrance total

Tip: melt your cubes in 6 hour sessions for best results. Dispose after 4 total sessions, giving you a total of 24 hours of use.

How to use: Break apart 2 cubes when using in small spaces such as the restroom, and 3 cubes when using in larger spaces such as the living room. Place inside your wax warmer and enjoy! Once no longer fragrant (typically after 24 total hours of use), dispose of wax and wipe dish clean.

please note: the look of each melt pack will vary from photos, as each is individually garnished in florals, herbs, shimmers, dyes, etc. 

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