Ethel, Fiji + Bruno's Special Blends | 70 Hour Soy Candle

Ethel, Fiji + Bruno's Special Blends | 70 Hour Soy Candle


Ethel + Fiji are special pals and siblings (if you will) of the one and only, Bruno Mars the Chi (@BrunoMarsTheChi on IG) They belong to their loving owner, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person recently after following Bruno’s account for awhile now.

It’s taken a lot for their mom to reach out and ask for help, but I want her to know she 100% deserves it in this special time of need! She is an independent rescuer and does SO much for these angel babies.

Ethel and Fiji are seniors who need a lot of care right now, and with that, come a lot of medical bills; a lot for one person to take on. I’m sure you are here because you might have stumbled upon the post about it, but just in case, you can get the full details on the most recent @brunomarsthechi instagram post.

These will arrive in beautiful 9oz jars that burn strong for approximately 70 hours, just like all of my other candles.

Available for PRE-ORDER are three different blends to choose from;

  1. Bruno’s Brown Sugar & Fig

    top notes: brown sugar

    mid notes: fig

    base notes: amber, sandalwood

  2. Ethel’s Strawberry Guava Blend

    top notes: guava, strawberry

    mid notes: passionfruit, mango

    base notes: vanilla, peach, sugar

  3. Fiji’s White Sage + Lavender

    top notes: lavender

    mid notes: sage, rosemary

    base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood

You can choose as many as you’d like, mix and match, etc. Please use the drop down menu to do so.

Pricing is as follows, discount will automatically apply at check out:

1 for $25

2 for $44

3 for $69

5 for $95

10 for $180

Email if you need any assistance.
Thank you so much!

Hand-poured inside my little kitchen in Costa Mesa, CA
Infused with potent essential oils
Slow, 70 hour burn time
Cured inside recycled glass jars
Phthalate free & non-toxic

Shopping small directly impacts an individual’s life. Thanks for making mine better!

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